The results are in

You are AWARE of Your Soul Clutter

You see what needs to change,
you just don’t know how.

You’re no stranger to your inner life. You are observant. You know what is going on in you and around you. Chances are, you are observing and feeling overwhelmed with what you are uncovering.

Good News: Once you begin paying attention, you’ve already initiated the process of change. Way to go!

Your next step is a two-step (don’t worry, no country line dancing here!). First, take your observing skills to the next level and look at your clutter in detail. Second, it’s time to begin owning what you uncover. Owning is the exact opposite of sticking your head in the sand. Instead, it’s like raising your hand and saying, “Yes, that’s mine. Yep, the emotional pain. The chronic stress. The anxiety. The unforgiveness. It’s all mine. I own it. And I’m ready to do something with it.”

Way to go. You are well on your way to creating the space that your soul longs for and was created for.

There is room for you to experience peace and joy today—no matter what you are going through!

Hi There! I’m Trina McNeilly

Before we move on, I’d love to introduce myself. I am an author, podcast host, and mom of four. In 2008 I founded the popular lifestyle blog La La Lovely. I became an expert at helping others find lovely things, curating a Pinterest pretty home that was featured in books and catalogs. Behind the screen, I was crippled with anxiety, chronic stress, and depression. I’ve spent the past five years focusing on my inner home, learning to unclutter my soul: observing, owning, and overcoming what overwhelms me.

I’m here to help you release stress and anxiety and to show you how to begin experiencing peace, and joy in your everyday life! In fact, I’ve written a new book to guide you through this process!


Join me, in my home, to hear a few words of hope!


Do you want support in overcoming things like stress, anxiety, and overwhelm?

I’ve got you!

Get your copy of the book & I’ll send you my “Soul Care Package” as a gift. Your Soul Care Package will help you inventory and own your clutter . . . which is your next step! Once you observe and own what is overwhelming you, you’ll be on your way to overcoming!

Your Soul Care Package Includes:

  • 6 Chapters (begin reading today)!
  • Take Note Guide to inventory your soul clutter
  • 6 beautiful phone wallpapers to inspire & encourage
  • My curated Unclutter Calming Playlist