The results are in

You are GROWING amidst your Soul Clutter

You might not be a pro at clearing out the clutter,
but you’re making progress.

There you GROW! It’s clear that you are no stranger to growth. Creating a healthy internal environment (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) is important to you. You’re doing the work to observe your clutter and own it.

It’s likely that you experience good days and bad days, days of growth and days of setback. Maybe, sometimes, it feels like you are going in circles. Some days you feel exhilarated with the momentum you are making and other days you can sink to despair over the familiar obstacles that keep trying to crowd your soul. Be encouraged! Growth is not linear. It’s up and down and it can also be circular. Celebrate the progress you’ve made and your commitment to continuing.

Your next step is to continue on. Keep circling around, on those days when you feel like you’re getting nowhere. Keep observing, keep owning, keep overcoming! You are getting somewhere I promise. You are creating space in your soul.

Notice the space you feel in your soul—pay attention to the new ways you have been experiencing peace and joy and remember they are always available to you in your everyday life.

Hi There! I’m Trina McNeilly

Before we move on, I’d love to introduce myself. I am an author, podcast host, and mom of four. In 2008 I founded the popular lifestyle blog La La Lovely. I became an expert at helping others find lovely things, curating a Pinterest pretty home that was featured in books and catalogs. Behind the screen, I was crippled with anxiety, chronic stress, and depression. I’ve spent the past five years focusing on my inner home, learning to unclutter my soul: observing, owning, and overcoming what overwhelms me.

I’m here to help you release stress and anxiety and to show you how to begin experiencing peace, and joy in your everyday life! In fact, I’ve written a new book to guide you through this process!


Join me, in my home, to hear a few words of hope!


Do you want support in overcoming things like stress, anxiety, and overwhelm?

I’ve got you!

Get your copy of the book & I’ll send you my “Soul Care Package” as a gift which will help you inventory your clutter and continue on . . . which is your next step! Once you observe and name what is overwhelming you, you’ll be on your way to overcoming!

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