Ep 3: What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

Ep 3: What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

About this Episode:
This episode features my first everyday guest (someone from my everyday life): my sister, Amy. Lately, I’ve recognized a story that I always tell myself. I was talking with my sister about it and discovered she tells herself the same story.
Do you have a story that you tell yourself? A repetitive narrative? Is it positive? Negative? A lie you might be believing or agreeing with? Amy and I will share what story we’ve been telling ourselves and what we are doing about it.
Mentioned in this Episode:

The exercise Amy mentioned: In the morning, sit down and write. Don’t overthink. Simply, notice the narrative. What story are you telling? Don’t judge it.

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Trina’s Steps for Switching the Story:

  1. Interrupt the thought
  2. Do one thing (What’s the next thing? Do that.)
  3. Address what is going on in your mind and body?
  4. Take what you need (A rest?)
  5. Start again