Episode 41: Let Go of Striving & Find Freedom to Grow Slow with Mary Marantz

Episode 41: Let Go of Striving & Find Freedom to Grow Slow with Mary Marantz

Tired of striving? Hustling? Running? Feeling frenzied? Burned out? Maybe you want to slow down, but you’re not sure how? In episode 41 Trina is talking with best-selling author Mary Marantz about her new book Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots. Trina and Mary discuss how we can let go of achieving for our worth and find purpose. Mary shares her journey from growing up in a single-wide trailer to Yale Law School and how striving for gold stars and achievements eventually led her to a different definition of success.  In a most beautiful way, Mary reminds us: “We are not in a race with anyone. Good things take time. REAL things take time. And slow growth equals strong roots.” This episode will help you determine if you are leaning into freedom or striving. Let’s trade striving for slowing down and growing strong.

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Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots

Unclutter Your Soul

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