Ep 6: How to Read the Bible: Trina McNeilly

Ep 6: How to Read the Bible: Trina McNeilly

In this episode, I share what my Bible reading practice looks like, how anyone can begin without intimidation, and why reading God’s Word is so important. This episode is my story, and history, of reading the Bible (meditating on God’s Word) for over 25 years. I’ll share how I read the Bible, what tools I use, and other practical pointers to help you grow in your faith. I’m passionate about God’s word because it’s the single greatest thing that has brought about transformation in my life. God’s word inspires us, equips us, encourages us, guides us, informs us, convicts us, corrects us, heals us, comforts us, consoles us, imparts wisdom and understanding, instructs us, restores us, floods our hearts with hope, and reminds us of who God is and who we are—how easily we forget, sometimes daily.



Psalm 119:89-90

2 Timothy 3:16

John 1:1

Romans 10:17

Isaiah 55:1


My favorite Bible Translations:

The Amplified Bible

The Message Bible

The Passion Translation (this is the one I have & it’s on sale!)


My favorite books:






My Tools:

Red pen


Sticky Tabs

Journal (my favorite journals)

Dictionary App

Logos App

The Bible App