Ep 9: A Healing Life: Angi Fletcher

Ep 9: A Healing Life: Angi Fletcher

This episode is for anyone who desires to become strong mentally and physically (that’s all of us!). If you’ve struggled with depression and/or life has brought you to a very low place (mentally or physically), then today’s guest, Angi Fletcher, will inspire, encourage and equip you to build a strong life as she shares her journey of going from debilitating depression to becoming a holistic fitness trainer and educator (and biohacker . . . don’t worry we’ll explain exactly what that means).

Angi is one of my absolute favorite follows on Instagram. She’s brilliant at sharing about the very real and hard side of life coupled with the tools she uses/has used to become healthy, mentally, emotionally, and physically (she shares so many helpful resources & products). She’s not afraid to show when she is weak, but there is no doubt she leads from a place of hope and strength. I can’t tell you how inspired I was (and you’ll be) by this longer form conversation, in which Angi shares how she went from a place of victimhood to learning to take responsibility for her life, and how anyone can learn to function optimally in their body and soul.

Disclaimer: This episode is for a mature audience due to sensitive content


About Angi

Angi Fletcher is a holistic fitness trainer and educator with 40+ years of experience that depression and anxiety are symptoms, not a disease. She has turned her mess into a message through her courageous vulnerability in sharing on Instagram her life journey. In partnership with her husband, she continues to share their daily family life in an effort to inspire others to take their health into their own hands. She works tirelessly to engage and include her audience in all of her regular habits to support her family’s mental and physical health – time in nature, sunlight or rain, movement, nourishing foods and supplements, and their favorite detox therapies. Angi lives in southern California with her husband, teenage son, and two toddlers.

Disclaimer: This episode is for a mature audience due to sensitive content.

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