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"A unique biblical and practical approach to uncluttering our internal thoughts and feelings."

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About Unclutter Your Soul


We all want our lives to change for the better–to become the healthiest versions of ourselves in spirit, soul, and body. Yet we still struggle. Author Trina McNeilly, looking for order in her own life, embarked on an inward journey to the home of her heart and soul to find healing and health from the inside out.

Unclutter Your Soul is for all of us who are cluttered and overwhelmed with loss, fear, chronic stress, unhealthy coping mechanisms, crippling depression, or anxiety. With the Holy Spirit as our guide, Trina says we can learn to,

  • OBSERVE: acknowledge the clutter,
  • OWN: make space for a healthy internal environment, and
  • OVERCOME: take action with tools for living clutter-free from the inside out.

Each chapter in these three sections is written as an essay and concludes with practical and soulful tips as well as prompts to put them into action. With discussion questions and a prayer guide, Unclutter Your Soul is the ultimate resource for finding freedom in our everyday lives by releasing limited mindsets and creating more space for peace and joy.

Sample Chapters

What People Are Saying

“In a society of chaos and overwhelm, Trina has done the heavy lifting of exposing the root, and offers us courage and strength to overcome. I’ve watched her live this message up close, and I can’t be more thrilled this powerful resource is in your hands. This is a must read for our cultural moment!”

— Rebekah Lyons, Bestselling Author, Rhythms of Renewal and You Are Free

“Written through the perceptive eyes of a stylist, Uncluttter Your Soul approaches soul care with a fresh, welcoming and applicable slant. You’ll want to read, gift, and highlight this gem of a book over and over again.”

— Myquillyn Smith, New York Times bestselling author of Welcome Home

“Practical and poetic, Trina McNeilly offers readers everything they need for their soul journey. Seamlessly blending personal storytelling, biblical knowledge and modern psychology, Trina has created a guide that is as beautifully written as it is helpful. For all of us with anxious monkey hearts and monkey minds, Trina will become your most trusted soul sister.”

— Kathy Izard, Author, The Last Ordinary Hour

“Once I began reading Unclutter Your Soul, it quickly became the friend I couldn’t wait to return to. With the grace and compassion of your most trusted companion, Trina invites us to consider the living home within each of us and offers blueprints that create space for more peace and joy. This breathtaking book provides a guide we all need to do the difficult, but worthy work of acknowledging the clutter that impedes health and wholeness, creating space for truth to take root, and finding the courage to walk in a new way. The words on these pages will leave you comforted, challenged, and changed. Of that I have no doubt.”

— Nicole Zasowski, Marriage and Family Therapist and Author of From Lost to Found and What If It’s Wonderful?

“If you’ve ever cleared out your closet with the secret hope that the space and order you create will bring the calm and peace the deepest parts of you long for, this book is for you. Unclutter Your Soul isn’t a temporary quick fix to brighten your day but a lasting gift to bring light and space to your inner world. It’s a gift you’ll never regret giving yourself. Going before us with generosity and understanding, Trina shares a road map to unclutter the basements, attics, and closets of our souls that we keep hidden or don’t know are hurting. By showing us how to clear out these tenderest of places she gifts us the way to the lasting freedom and joy we crave.”

  Niki Hardy, Author of Breathe Again : How to Live Well When Life Falls Apart

“It is one thing to fill our lives with beauty, and it is another thing to disabuse our lives of what’s broken. This process of decluttering our inner home, as Trina puts it, requires courage, personal responsibility, and a vision for living more spaciously and soulfully. If you have added all the right things to your life, and you still find yourself stuck, read these words. Trina will lead you lovingly toward letting go.”

— Leeana Tankersley, Author of Hope Anyway

About Trina



Trina McNeilly is the author and founder of La La Lovely, where she has been writing and building community online for thirteen years, sharing matters of the heart and design-related finds. With an eye for beauty, Trina finds inspiration in styled spaces, broken places, and everywhere in between.

In 2018 she authored La La Lovely: The Art of Finding Beauty in the Everyday. Through her soulful writing and The Lovely Life podcast, Trina is the voice of a trusted friend, helping others navigate their inner life and find peace and joy in their everyday lives, no matter what they are going through.

Her work has been featured in the New York TimesLife:Beautiful and on Apartment Therapy.

Trina resides in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and their four children.


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